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We are very passionate about board games, card games and dice games. We are even more passionate about the opportunities that developing board games in the digital space creates. There is always going to be a place for board games as they are the purest mechanics in the world and there is nothing more fun than playing face to face with friends, family and competitors. With the rise in use of technology globally, we are excited by the opportunity to take our board games with us wherever we go on tablets and mobile phones. To be able to play games on the go and see their mechanics come to life in animations, in-depth storylines, tutorials etc. The ability to play all of the time with people around the world and to break down the barriers and learning curves of rules, the ability to add expansions quickly and experience the game in new ways is what excites us the most. While searching the internet for a central hub where digital board game enthusiasts congregrate to discuss games and exciting news, we found that there wasn’t much out there. We wanted to create a central space for all fans of: Board, Card/Collectible, RPGs, Miniatures, Strategy/War and Dice games, and especially their digital reproductions, to find news on exciting projects and connect socially.



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