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Game Salute began in 2008 as an idea of Dan Yarrington, inspired by the many awesome people he works with in the tabletop games industry each day. It came out of an idea of dedicating effort to creating and providing tools and services to make the games industry better. During 2008, 2009, and 2010, Game Salute launched a variety of support programs including Game Salute News, product evaluation and information, and general consulting and advice for all members of the industry. By 2011, the positive response to Game Salute had grown to the point where Game Salute, LLC was officially formed. At that point, we started working full-time to support and promote great independent game publishers through our Featured Fulfillment program. In 2011, we grew from one employee to three! We expanded our news coverage, launched the beta version of, launched the beta of Preview Nights, and the beta version of our Springboard support program for crowdfunding campaigns. In 2012, Game Salute expanded to support even more publishers and also launched our Powered by Game Salute publishing division. We greatly expanded the reach of Featured Fulfillment, by growing the number of stores and distribution partners we work with up to over 500. We expanded our warehouse twice during the year, including a move to a new facility. We refined the Springboard program and ran 10 successful campaigns. We attended 10 shows including trade shows and consumer conventions. We launched our Game Ambassador volunteer program. We gave our industry-wide news and editorial coverage a new face and name with the launch of We received hundreds of submissions for titles to be published through Powered by Game Salute. In the last six months of the year, we moved 9 titles through pre-production to production (for release in 2013). And all throughout the year, we steadily expanded our staff to meet the increased activity, from 3 to 18. What’s in the future for Game Salute? We’re going to continue to create and support great tabletop games and work tirelessly to make the industry better. You’re invited to join us!

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