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A leading board game factory-WinGo, who is proud to offer 'One Stop' convenience with full attention to important details. Table Board Game - Custom Design, not available for sale!!! WinGo was founded in 1992. Our factory is located in the city of Huizhou in southeastern China (very close to Hong Kong). We have been providing full-service game manufacturing for customers from different countries for the past years. WinGo offers a wide range of components for custom board games, card games. In order to provide the best possible products and service to our customers, we have invested in both new equipment and new maintenance arrangements of existing equipment. At the current time, we possess Manroland 4-color and 2-color printing presses, including paper guillotines, laminators, creasing and cutting machines, automatic die cutters, gluing machines, power corner cutters, varnishing machines, punches and wire presses. Our film department is equipped with an automatic plate processor, exposure frame, film contact printer, film punch and PS plate punch. We have reliable partners and supply chains for all raw materials and parts. Our high level of quality control begins with regular checking and communication with these partners. If you are looking for a reliable and professional supplier for your game project, please contact WinGo right now! (Email:; Skype: wingo-leonlau)

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