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Black Locust Games (BLG) was founded in 2013 by Casey Willett and Aaron Yung in Nashville, TN. They got bored with their current jobs and needed to put their creative energy into something other than a sales quota. The energy turned into a fervent endeavor towards game design and development. The first game concept they developed was Bear The Bull, an online stock simulation game fueled by Casey’s insatiable passion for Finance and Wall Street. This game is still in production and wire-framing stages, but when it’s released, expect the world the change. The intention was to have Bear The Bull be the driving force behind this company, but the ideas for game concepts kept rolling in and took a turn towards table-top games, a medium Casey has spent much of his life engrossed in. Aaron has spent most of his life surrounded by art and design. So, together they embarked on a journey to diversify the gaming world; Casey would develop the concept and mechanics around a game, and Aaron would design and draw the game into life.

USA - North America

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