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Welcome to Boardgames with Niramas! Here you will find everything related to board games and card games of all kinds. (Except for monopoly!) My name is Josef aka. 'Niramas', I'm a 35 year old boardgamer from Sweden. After playing video games for as long as I can remember, I've found the wonderful world of board gaming a few years ago! To help me out in making videos I got my good friend Drako, he is a stuffed little guy, we met some years ago at a casino in Gran Canaria, now he is my main opponent for runthroughs. Some human friends will make guest apperances aswell to show how to play some games with more than 2 players. I am not making reviews. There's others doing that very well, instead here you can find runthroughs, 'live' plays, 'how to play' videos and also some unboxings and figure painting videos. Please share videos with your friends, press like and subscribe to the channel! Hope you will enjoy! Regards / Niramas

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